Wee Cottage Lane Christmas

Wee Cottage Lane  Christmas
by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two new monarchs

I've always loved butterflies. There's the brighter than life colors, the fact that they FLY, transformation symbolism... The cover of my book, Walk in Your Own Footsteps is a photo of the trail that ends in a butterfly sanctuary in Santa Cruz, CA. There are really a lot of reasons that I love butterflies. About 2 years ago I painted my first one. I fell in love all over again. Each one is like a snowflake, it looks just like the others, but not quite. Today, I finished two more paintings. I have so many ideas for butterflies fluttering around my head, it looks like I will be painting many, many more. So, here's what I finished today.

I will be printing out tiny versions and creating pendants with them. Gosh, what a lovely way to spend my time. It surprises me that my heart, soul, and imagination can be so excited and my body gets so tired that I can't create. I'm never out of ideas or inspiration. I hope you enjoy these, too.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My art work is now in a gorgeous gallery in Pacific Grove!!!

While on a little vacation to celebrate our anniversary, Jim and I happened upon the most wonderful gallery in Pacific Grove, CA. We were lucky enough to meet the owner of the gallery and I told her about my artwork. The owner, Sunshine, invited me to bring in my work for consideration in her shop. Well, I'm excited to share that she included everything I brought in.

The town of Pacific Grove is tucked in with Monterey and Carmel and is a quaint romantic getaway known for it's Monarch Butterfly migration. Well, if you've looked at my work, you know that I love to paint monarchs. Here's a couple of the paintings that are in the gallery.

I also created pendants from these images. If you'd like a copy, stop by the gallery or contact me directly.

The gallery also stocks copies of my book, inspirational cards, an original handmade purse, as well as my little hand sculpted and painted birdies.

Please let her know you learned about her shop from me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Original art pendants are ready for McCloud

The philosophy of Cowgirl Gypsy Queen is all about AND! Dress up as a Cowgirl, Gypsy, or Princess? Yes! Boots or a tiara, why choose?

Living life with this philosophy opens me up to all sorts of exciting adventures. Very few of us define ourselves with just one aspect. Still, we naturally choose an answer to "What do you do?" And, we feel the need to have an answer for ourselves to the question, "Who are we?" What if we throw the doors and windows open and just refuse to choose? Refuse to stuff ourselves into the round hole, or the square one?  Let go of the idea of limits. It's fun!

I'm a homebody that loves to travel, a serious person who loves to laugh till my tummy hurts, I like cats and dogs, babies and teenagers. I'm a walking contradiction and I like it that way! Some people feel that, when it comes to art, you should choose a medium and focus on that. Well... I know that I would have much less fun if I had to pick just one thing. So far, my creative pursuits include writing, painting, sewing, quilting, beading, making stained glass, gardening, creating soft sculptures and photography. I may be forgetting something because sometimes I do. I'm interested in learning new things, too. Needle felting has me very intrigued.  

This explains why the last time I posted I showed the Kindle/ereader pouches I made. Today, I'm posting pictures of pendants that I made from my original art work and a darling picture form a vintage children's book. I made these to take with me to the McCloud flea market and I'll be posting some on ETSY when I get back.

I hope that you embrace your inner Cowgirl Gypsy Queen and, the next time you feel you should choose between two wonderful things, DON'T CHOOSE! Say, "Yes!" I'll take both, thank you!

A batch of finished necklaces

A tiny version of my painting "The One"

Lucky charm necklace

Mt Shasta painting with little heart bead charm