Wee Cottage Lane Christmas

Wee Cottage Lane  Christmas
by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Creating a Brand new Brand!

A collection of tiny homes on Wee Cottage Lane
In September I began dreaming about a special little tiny neighborhood with the perfect little homes and shops. I love creating dreamy environments where my imagination can go and play. I have been making ceramic art for a few years and bringing that work together with my love of tiny things, I envisioned my perfect little street, Wee Cottage Lane. I noodled, and rolled ideas around my imagination in order to come up with a name for my neighborhood that communicated the quaint cozy place I wanted to create. This began a project that would take over my imagination for the next few months. It started with an idea and has blossomed into a whole village!

I knew I wanted to make the houses of clay but also wanted to do something unique on the body of the houses. I really love adding fun unexpected details to each and every little building. So, for the door and roofs of each house, I use glaze to which gives each house and shop cohesion to one another. Also, almost every place in town has a golden door knob (even the outhouses!)

Here's what the sculpted houses with glazed doors and roof and golden door knobs: 

Wee Cottage and Gnome style home without paint

It is very important to me that my work has a very unique look to it. So far, I feel I was already off to a good start. I had used  Posca Paint pens and really like the way the finely ground pigments look and the fact that, once dry, they are permanent. So, I experimented with decorating each building with it's own look. I've added many different shops, homes, trees, and public buildings to the town. Each building is unique and, therefore, comes with it's own certificate of title! 

Wee Gnome Cottage and Certificates of Ownership

I also wanted my little houses and shops to have their own look in their on-line home so I purchased a bunch of different lights and tried different techniques to get the photography look I wanted. 

Mini Christmas scene

Coffee, Donut, and Tea Shops

Tiny Easter Egg Cottages

This has been a pretty involved process from the name, logo, fonts, house designs, painting, trees, etc... But, it has been so fun! 

I hope you enjoy the town and visit my little website to learn more about Wee Cottage Lane!