Wee Cottage Lane Christmas

Wee Cottage Lane  Christmas
by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in the swing of things

detail from vintage post card
Hello, again! It's been a long time since I was able to  share with you. Following my successful class at Trezher's Gift Shop in Sacramento, I found myself feeling sick. Well, I went to bed with a fever before I could even unpack my car and have been fighting what we are now calling, "The Malaria" for 4 weeks! The good news is that no one else in my family has gotten sick, so we figure it's not airborne. Oh, and I've lost a solid 5 pounds, but other than that, it's been a trial! Today I'm feeling pretty darn good. I'll probably poop out and need a nap this afternoon, but I'll take that any day over what I've been through.

While laying there with plenty of time to think, artsy projects flooded my mind. Now that I'm better the question is prioritizing all this creative energy. I'm getting ready for my next classes at Trezher's starting on September 15th which will be a soldered glass pendant class. Then I'll be creating samples for the November 20th class where we'll make larger pieces to preserve pictures, collages, or postcards and the December 10th class when we'll make ornaments. I'm excited about the ornament class! Here are a couple of images I'll be using for my samples. 

I'm also painting new images for my pendant line, working on a new deck of Inspirational Cards, have a stained glass project I've been excited about creating, and a quilt idea is brewing in my mind. I'm so glad to be me today.

I hope you find your creative muse and giver her/him a kiss for me. :)

My friend Lisa's baby Zoie. So cute!!!

detail from a vintage Easter postacard

Darling Chloe in her halloween costume from 2010

My baby Rachel, when she was a baby. :)

Detail from vintage postcard