Wee Cottage Lane Christmas

Wee Cottage Lane  Christmas
by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creative exploration

Three ceramic butterfly necklaces by Laura Pallatin 

I've been accused of having ART ADD. That is, I don't just pick one art medium and stick with it. I really believe that my various interests inform one another and make me a better artist. I'm sharing this because I know I'm not alone in this desire to experience and explore lots of ways of creating art. 

To that end, I am pleased to share my latest art adventure! Ceramics!!! Ok, new for me. I've been painting canvases and want to experience my art in a more 3 dimensional way. So, I started with sculpting and painting butterflies and today I've created some cute little critters. This is so super fun! I hope you enjoy it. And, when you feel an itch to try something new... go for it! 

Laura P.

Handmade ceramic butterfly necklace

freshly sculpted itty bitty kitty

Fresh sculptures that will be jewelry! So cute!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Following my apron obsession...

Pocket detail of handmade apron
I've been obsessed with this cross-back apron style for a while. I first saw something like it by Magnolia Pearl, LOVe her stuff!! I am also really inspired by Nadir Positano and Atelier de Ours
red and green full coverage apron
I've also been thinking that we all play dress-up every day of our lives. I wonder, if someone found a picture of me in a hundred years, what would they think I was dressed up as? I've decided that I'm okay with being seen as an eccentric gal who wears fanciful clothes. It's so much more fun! I drive an art car, right? Might as well have fun with 
my clothes, too!
back of red and green cross back apron

There are many wonderful artists who have a distinct fashion style that also inspire me so very much. For instance, Tasha Tudor was an artist and illustrator who loved what she considered a simpler way of life. She dressed in 1800's type attire and collected real 1800's dresses. She lived on a farm and maintained a very simple life while she created art until her death in 2008. 

seersucker crossback apron
Another stylish artist I look to is Julie Arkell.  Ms. Arkell lives in England and creates the most adorable folk art creations! She also rocks a super cute style! 

Drawing on all these wonderful inspirations, I've started creating clothes for myself. Here are my first three aprons. One is very fall like with dark red fabric and green trim. This one is more sophisticated (in my opinion).

big splashy vintage linen pockets
My second apron creation is made from light-weight red and white seersucker. I've been collecting bits of embroidery at my local thrift shop for quite a while and this gave me a great opportunity to put some fingertip towels to use as pockets.  In order to give the pockets a little tuck for the opening, I used china buttons I had in my collection and simply used red thread for contrast. I wanted it to be light and airy so I went with a very simple white cotton for the ruffle. 

hard working and cute apron

vintage linen large pockets on apron
Finally, my most recent addition (I finished it today) which is a dark blue striped apron. This one is made of a heavier cotton and feels quite nice on. I used fingertip towels again for the pockets and tiny china buttons for the tucks on the front. I chose a fun print fabric that has both red and blue to coordinate with the trim.

I had so much fun making these aprons. I believe that when you approach any project with the intention of creating something artsy, it is always much more fun! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The pleasures of driving an art car

Gladys the Art Car by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa
I admit it, I've been dreaming of having a big canvas to create happy art on for quite some time. I don't have a big old barn, in fact I live in a neighborhood with strict rules about what your home must look like, so painting on the house or barn was out. Then, I struck upon the idea of an art car. A mobile canvas that I can continually update as inspiration strikes. And, best yet, everywhere I go, I share my love of happy art. Fear stood in my way for quite a while. Our culture really doesn't support doing anything "weird" to a car. It is considered, first and foremost, an investment.

The good news is that almost EVERYONE smiles when they see Gladys. A very few (like 3 people) have looked miffed. I figure that they don't get it, and smile for them. If you're thinking about sharing your art in this way, I highly encourage it.  Take your time. Find the right car and wait to paint until your creative vision is strong in your mind. Then, have fun! It really is a wonderful way to share love with everyone who sees your car. 

Laura Pallatin
LaBelle Mariposa

Monday, October 6, 2014

Why you should buy original art

A pretty landscape over my blue cupboard
As an artist, I find great pleasure in purchasing and enjoying art that comes right from the hand of a real live person. I can “feel” the work, love, and inspiration that went into that piece of art which is inherently different from any other piece on earth. An artist may produce more than one piece in a theme or collection, but just like flowers on a plant each one is unique. When I refer to “art,” by the way, I’m talking about an originally conceived handmade object. (including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, quilts, art to wear, jewelry, wood sculpture, pottery, fiber art...)

This brings me to the topic I’d like to talk about today which is why YOU should buy original art.

two paintings in my landscape collection
1. Your home is the environment you create to nurture yourself, your family, and friends. Home is your sanctuary. Every item in your home is there either to comfort, inspire, or facilitate the lifestyle you are choosing to live. Original art brings an organic “alive” quality to your home that no print can ever communicate. It’s right from the artist’s easel. Whether you buy it while the paint is still drying, or hundreds of years after it’s painted, you are getting the one and only original with dimension no print can every really copy. 
original art with milkglass collection

2. Your art collection is a reflection of your personal taste. Hanging original art in your home can show your love of the local art scene, your travels, or your simply your own preferences for collecting. Many artists paint the scenes of their homes and travels. I like to collect paintings of pastoral scenes. One room in my home is dedicated to this collection. It is a very soothing place for all who visit. 

Gratuitous cute doggie poses with pretty landscape picture
3. Finally, when you purchase original art, you are supporting people who make art. This may seem like a no-brainer, but let’s explore it a bit. Most of us admire those who create. We listen to music, enjoy dance, watch talented people perform on television. But, original art is the only creative product we can purchase, take home, and enjoy for the rest of our lives (and even pass on to our heirs.) You can personally encourage and support local artists with your purchases in a very personal way that you cannot really connect with other creative folks. 

I am not saying that no one should ever buy a print. That’s just silly. This is simply a plea to expand your mind to the idea that owning original art has its own special value. 
If you don’t put perfectly reproduced silk plants in your garden, why on earth would you hang nothing but reproduced pictures on your walls?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Share in the Happy with LaBelle Mariposa!!

Expanding happiness all around me is ultimately my goal in life! Creating happy art has been a powerful tool for me to use to share my joy. That's why I'm so excited about being able to offer these darling little works of art to my friends and fans so that we can all share happiness! 

I've done a lot of research on this to find stickers and decals that would really do a good job of reproduction my work at a price that everyone can afford. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Joyful living photographs with quotes

I've been putting some of my favorite pictures together with inspirational quotes from people I admire. It's part of the "Joyful Living" part of my commitment to you. At moments we feel our purpose so strongly that it is impossible to believe that a time may come when we can't connect directly to that intense knowing. I like having many reminders around me to help bring me back to my purpose, here. I hope that these images and words work to help you reconnect with your purpose, too. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stickers and Decals are on their way!

If you’ve been following along here, you know that I’ve been painting on my car and having a great time making it all happy and pretty! Well, what you may not know is that I have ordered some stickers and vinyl decals of some of my favorite images so that you can make your car happy and pretty, too! They are nice reproductions of my work so you can also use them to make your laptop, walls, or just about anything you can stick a sticker to prettier!

I heard back from both companies today, and we’re definitely in business! So, here’s a preview of the designs:

4 inch red hibiscus flower

4 inch yellow and red hibiscus flower

5 inch dove

4 inch "Petunia the anything can happen Pig"

4 inch red eyed frog

5 inch yellow and pink hibiscus flower

4 inch open landed Monarch butterfly

4 inch open flying Monarch butterfly

4 inch Monarch from the side view

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gladys the Art Car gets some new paint!

Gladys, my 1999 Lincoln Town Car, is transforming day by day as I add art work to inspire joy and happiness on our road-ways. Yes, I get some strange looks, many people ask if I put a bunch of stickers on my car, and just today a man shook his head and told me that I must be eccentric.  But, all of this reaction is worth the smiles, thumbs ups, and "I LOVE your car!" comments. 

I use one-shot paints that I get from TCP Global because I've found the best price and they get my order to me pretty quickly! I purchase regular brushes from art supplies stores because I haven't learned how to use the quills and I'm getting the results I want with regular brushes. I use LOTS of turpenoid for my brushes, to remove smudges I get all over myself and the car, etc. To get the fun swirly butterfly on the hood I thinned the paint with thinner that is available from TCP as well. When I'm finished working I clean my brushes with The Master's Brush Cleaner  which has done wonders to help my brushes look brand new after each use. You can find that at Michaels. I'd recommend buying the big tub and using a discount coupon. You can use the very same tub for your acrylic brushes and it saves them, too.

Since I've been working on her more lately, I thought I'd share some pictures here. In many ways, I feel that painting on my car is sorta like adding tattoos to her body. If you are interested in knowing how to paint your own car, feel free to leave questions in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them all!

Inspirational Words on Gladys the Art Car!

More words to uplift and inspire

A long shot of the cherry blossom tree with birds

Detail picture of little blue bird and California Poppies

More detail of the cherry blossom tree with two cute birdies (LOVE these!

my two frogs, Trevor & Yolanda

a pretty monarch on the hood

Embellishment surrounding the passenger front door

Inspirational words and a peek at the hood butterfly

The passenger side California poppies

The trunk with the license plate

Just the tree and LaBelle Mariposa

Another view of the cherry blossom tree

A Raven on the roof

A large swirly butterfly on the hood

the Raven and driver's side California poppies

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Collecting beautiful things for ART!

Enamel, plastic, and other brightly colored pins

I have the most wonderful excuse for collecting beautiful (little) things for my "Altared Books." Since my work encompasses so many themes, I am always on the lookout for fun items to bring my imagined scenes to life. Sometimes, I imagine a theme in my mind and then add it to my list. Then, when I'm out cruising for goodies, I check my list to keep that new idea in mind. Often times, though, I find an unusual piece and am moved to create a whole book around that item. I wonder if a viewer even knows what the inspiration was when viewing my work. I hope that everyone brings their own interpretation to the piece. In this way, each person makes the art their own experience. I love it when people tell me a story that they come up with for a book. I feel it gives the art a whole other life. 

Springy collection for an upcoming Easter "Altared Book"

Today, I'm working on a spooky Fall themed book. I'm using a stamp I made, punched birds and leaves, various fabrics, paint, inks, broken pottery bits, as well as many jewelry pieces. 

Sparkly pin collection for books (or maybe a bouquet?)

While I'm in love with this book, I am already looking forward to rounding out the collection of Springy thingies to make a happy little Easter book. I so enjoy bringing home, and sorting through my treasure, that I thought I'd share some of my pretties with you here. 

I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do! 

Laura P.