Wee Cottage Lane Christmas

Wee Cottage Lane  Christmas
by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Following my apron obsession...

Pocket detail of handmade apron
I've been obsessed with this cross-back apron style for a while. I first saw something like it by Magnolia Pearl, LOVe her stuff!! I am also really inspired by Nadir Positano and Atelier de Ours
red and green full coverage apron
I've also been thinking that we all play dress-up every day of our lives. I wonder, if someone found a picture of me in a hundred years, what would they think I was dressed up as? I've decided that I'm okay with being seen as an eccentric gal who wears fanciful clothes. It's so much more fun! I drive an art car, right? Might as well have fun with 
my clothes, too!
back of red and green cross back apron

There are many wonderful artists who have a distinct fashion style that also inspire me so very much. For instance, Tasha Tudor was an artist and illustrator who loved what she considered a simpler way of life. She dressed in 1800's type attire and collected real 1800's dresses. She lived on a farm and maintained a very simple life while she created art until her death in 2008. 

seersucker crossback apron
Another stylish artist I look to is Julie Arkell.  Ms. Arkell lives in England and creates the most adorable folk art creations! She also rocks a super cute style! 

Drawing on all these wonderful inspirations, I've started creating clothes for myself. Here are my first three aprons. One is very fall like with dark red fabric and green trim. This one is more sophisticated (in my opinion).

big splashy vintage linen pockets
My second apron creation is made from light-weight red and white seersucker. I've been collecting bits of embroidery at my local thrift shop for quite a while and this gave me a great opportunity to put some fingertip towels to use as pockets.  In order to give the pockets a little tuck for the opening, I used china buttons I had in my collection and simply used red thread for contrast. I wanted it to be light and airy so I went with a very simple white cotton for the ruffle. 

hard working and cute apron

vintage linen large pockets on apron
Finally, my most recent addition (I finished it today) which is a dark blue striped apron. This one is made of a heavier cotton and feels quite nice on. I used fingertip towels again for the pockets and tiny china buttons for the tucks on the front. I chose a fun print fabric that has both red and blue to coordinate with the trim.

I had so much fun making these aprons. I believe that when you approach any project with the intention of creating something artsy, it is always much more fun! 

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  1. Do you have a pattern for the cross back apron that I could buy? I LOVE it!


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