Wee Cottage Lane Christmas

Wee Cottage Lane  Christmas
by Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Studio musings

I've been obsessed with the magazine, "Where Women Create" for a couple of years now. I just love seeing how the people (they have men, now) organize their creative spaces. When I first started reading it, there were lots of gals like me, trying to make a functional working space in the family dining room. The did amazing things with storage and made their little carved-out studio creative, beautiful, and functional! 

Well, when I returned home from my trip with mom to Mariposa for the Mariposa Butterfly Festival recently, I was shocked at the state of my own "studio." I was so focused on getting ready for the festival, I had begun to pile art supplies, reading materials, and other stuff just to make room to get things done.

In order to get my work place back into shape, I've decided to go through my older magazines and find some creative inspiration for making my own studio magazine-worthy. Then, I'm going to turn my attention to the other rooms of my home. I've been so busy being an entrepreneur, I haven't taken time to make our family's home the organized cozy place we can all enjoy more.

While I'm at it, I'll be selling off un-needed stuff in order to buy the new camera I've fallen in love with. So, you can look forward to some stunning images of my newly organized spaces. :)

Here's the Inspirational Image for today. I thought it would be fun to do something different. 
from Chapter 10 of Walk In Your Own Footsteps titled "Gossip"

Finally, I was accepted yesterday into KVIE's art auction! I'm so excited. The awards will be announced on August 1st. Wouldn't it be cool if my name was on that list? We'll see...
Monarch on California Poppy my painting which will be in the 2012 KVIE art action. :)

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